English for Socializing is a short, intermediate level course, ideal if you need English to socialize in a professional context with colleagues or clients.

The course will help you to gain confidence in speaking in English in various social situations: making small talk, getting the right expressions for formal and informal situations.

It is ideal as a stand-alone short course, or as a complement to a General Everyday English Course.


Unit 1: Making contact: Making arrangements, meeting visitors, talking about plans.

Unit 2: Welcoming visitors: Talking about your company, offering refreshments, giving directions in a building.

Unit 3: Getting acquainted: Making small talk, talking about travelling, talking about personal possessions.

Unit 4: Entertaining a visitor: Showing a visitor around, talking about where you live, recommending things to do.

Unit 5: Eating out: Deciding what to order, thanking somebody for a meal.

Unit 6: Networking at a trade fair: Starting a conversation with a stranger, talking about your company and products, following up a new contact.