Donna's English - English Language Courses in Person or via Skype

Learning to communicate well in English may be the best decision you ever make. Whether for your career, travel, studies or personal interest, English is the language of communication.

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  • I’m a registered*, experienced, fully qualified, native English language teacher, based in Luxembourg
  • I offer personalised English language classes tailored to your individual linguistic level and needs
  • I use proven communicative methods based on a student centred approach to help you learn faster and maintain your motivation to learn
  • I can guarantee that your ability to communicate with confidence in English will grow
  • I choose to keep fees affordable, no enrolment fees, just hourly rates.
  • Lessons take place at your workplace in Luxembourg or via Skype anywhere in the world.

Donna has a special talent for pushing naturally the student out of their inhibition in English. The result are much more profitable and learning becomes a real pleasure


The most impressive of Donna it’s her dedication to her students, she works hard to adapt the materials to them. She always knows what are your needs to improve and to give you enough confidence in your learning. She brings out your skills in language even if you think that you don’t have any. Thanks Donna, It’s a pleasure learn with you and of course thanks for teaching me.


Donna is a very efficient and proficient teacher. She really adapts to the needs of her students. Lessons are lively and in a friendly atmosphere. It’s a real pleasure to learn and you can have discussions on a lot of topics. With Donna, you have a real chance to improve your English.


General Everyday English

This is the ideal course if you want to speak English with confidence in everyday situations. I believe you learn a language by speaking it. I aim to maximize the amount of time you spend speaking in English in the


Business Skills in English

Specific business skills in English courses are short  intensive courses for intermediate or upper-intermediate level students who  need to make quick progress in specific areas.  They focus on skills such as socializing, giving presentations, negotiating,  writing e-mails, telephoning, holding and attending meetings. You


Skype Lessons

In-person lesson vs. lesson via Skype? Skype lessons are convenient, fun and less expensive than live-in-person lessons and yet they are just as effective. The only difference is that you and I won’t be in the same place: you might be sitting at home